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Buying a House


Share our services with your network. If one of your contacts moves forward with a Bass Home Builders contract, we’ll pay out a referral bonus of 2.5% of signed contract price. Sign up now and start making money!

Referral Program Rules:

  1. The referral must be brought to Bass Home Builders attention before the first meeting with the referred client.

  2. The Referral will be paid after the final payment has been made for the project.

  3. The Referral amount will be paid from the original signed contract - change orders or future contracts are not included.

  4. Payments over $599.99 require a W-9 to be filled out and a 1099 issued to comply with the IRS.

  5. Unlimited Referrals

It's bonus time! Ready to start earning? Fill out this quick form.

Agent Referral Sign Up

We appreciate your referral!

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